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Hello! My name is Lexie Thiros and I'd like to introduce myself, my story, and the purpose behind The Long Run Lab. I grew up in San Diego, CA with my older brother, younger sister, and both my mom and dad. I moved out to Gunnison Colorado in January 2019 to attend Western Colorado University after transferring out of San Francisco State University my junior year of college. At Western, I earned my B.S. in exercise and sport science with an emphasis in clinical exercise physiology along with a minor in biology, then continued on to earn my M.S. in high-altitude exercise physiology with a focus on women's health in 2022. As I researched the menstrual cycle and it's effects on performance in endurance athletes for my master's thesis, I am incredibly passionate about increasing the visibility of women's health in athletics and would love to pursue a P.h.D. building on this research in the future.

All through college I competed in NCAA DII cross country and track, becoming an All-American for Western and leading my team to a podium finish at Nationals in 2019. Our women's team then went on the following year to win the xc Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Championships in 2020, only for our season to be shut down after a Covid outbreak before we had to chance to vie to be national champions. I am incredibly grateful to have been on this team through my college years, as these were some of the toughest, grittiest, and amazing women I have come to know. The coaching staff has also proved to be amazing, as I was able to build confidence, compete, and grow into an athlete that I never would have expected to become at the beginning of my running career.

As I finished up my NCAA eligibility this year, I will be continuing on as an assistant coach here at Western. I have learned a lot from my coaches in the past and I am excited to take on this new role for the team to help develop our athletes to their full potential as the strong and confident runners that they are. As for myself, I will continue to train and pursue my post-collegiate competitive running goals. I will be training to debut in the marathon over the remainder of the year, and am excited to chase after some new big goals. I may dabble in some competitive trail races along the way, and will be running many miles out here in the mountains with my favorite runner pup, Ilios.

My purpose for starting this blog is to have a location to compile and share my pieces on my own training and race recaps along with research-based posts about all things endurance sports. This will likely span across training, racing, physiology, nutrition, recovery, and interesting research and studies I come across or conduct myself. There will likely be a big focus on women's health in the sport as well. I am passionate about being involved in the running and endurance sports community, making our sport a welcoming space to all skill levels and abilities, and incorporating evidence-based practice into training and racing by providing scientific research in an understandable and accessible way for the public.

I am looking forward to growing The Long Run Lab and sharing some cool pieces on running and science. Let's get out there and have some fun.



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